Since the founding of the Association in 1997, a variety of different projects have been developed and advanced thanks to our dedicated members.
These include a number of larger-scale projects, such as the accessibility of the Humboldthain flak tower, the reconstruction and restoration of two floors of the Fichtebunker in Berlin-Kreuzberg or making the rubble-filled cellars of the Oswald-Berliner Brewery at Brunnenstrasse 143 usable.
All of the projects are exclusively financed by the Association, they are carried out by our members, mostly on a voluntary basis, and external experts are also used for difficult projects.
The efforts are sustained by the desire to preserve historically significant and hitherto hidden structures and, as far as possible, to make them accessible to an interested public. In order to do this, we get in contact with the owners, among other things – as far as necessary – to secure access, develop management concepts and much more. So that we can provide you with comprehensive information on our activities, we have created these project pages.
You can find more content in the German language section of this page.

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