Tour 1 – Dark Worlds

Virtual tour with 360-degree guided tour via Zoom

In a "Zoom" conference our speakers will guide you through the underground air-raid shelter "Bunker B" in the Gesundbrunnen underground station. In the virtual tour a guide explains live the structure of the bunker with the help of 360-dregree images and covers topics such as air raid protection, munitions finds and forced labour. There will always be the opportunity to ask questions as well.

During the Second World War, countless bunkers were built in Berlin, but rooms in the underground were also converted for air-raid protection purposes. In the Gesundbrunnen underground station, there are several floors of underground shelters for travellers and residents. After the war, the air-raid shelter was spared from the demilitarisation programme of the Allies, because a demolition would have endangered the subway tunnel. The facility fell into a "Sleeping Beauty slumber". In 1998, it was rediscovered by the Berliner Unterwelten assosiation and made it accessible for the public.



  • computer, if applicable with camera and microphone
  • stable internet connection
  • Browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox

Dates and Tickets

Procedure and rules

The dial-in link for the "Zoom" conference of the virtual tour is on your ticket. You will receive this and further information by e-mail after purchasing your ticket. Please dial in 10 minutes before the start of the event using the link and stating your first name plus initial surname.

Tickets are limited. Please do not share the link of the "Zoom" conference with other people. Only one person/device can use a link. If more than one person attempts to do so, we have to exclude you from participation.

Your camera can be switched on during the tour, so that the guide sees the participants and has the feeling of actually being in front of a group. Please keep the microphone off to avoid background noises. It may of course be switched on when questions are asked, alternatively you can use the chat.

Audio and video recordings are generally not permitted.

Please show respect for the speaker and the other guests: In case of interruptions or inappropriate behaviour the "Zoom" conference has to be left.



Berliner Unterwelten e.V. offers the virtual tours via the "Zoom" platform, which is neither owned nor controlled by the association. By purchasing the ticket you agree that any problems arising through "Zoom" are not the responsibility of Berliner Unterwelten association and, if necessary must be resolved by you directly with "Zoom".

Cancellation, exchange or refund of tickets is excluded.

Our General Terms and Conditions are applicable.


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