Information Panels and Commemorative Plaques

As a non-profit organisation, we have been committed to historically important issues related to the underground for many years. This includes the reappraisal of specific aspects of the Second World War and the Nazi reign of terror, as well as the examination of the consequences of the SED dictatorship. In addition to our historical tours, which offer interested visitors the chance to get closer to these particular aspects of German and Berlin history, we provide a further contribution to historical and commemorative culture. With our information panels and commemorative plaques, we also want to reach people who have an interest in history in places where we do not offer any tours. Since 2006, our Association has realised a total of fourteen of these projects, partly in cooperation with partners, partly on our own initiative. Several information panels are dedicated to the Nazi dictatorship and its fatal repercussions, others are devoted to important events which took place at the Berlin Wall, including four bronze commemorative plaques on the “Behr” Berliner foundry, as well as specific incidents related to escape tunnels.
These projects will be presented below. In the sub-menu, you will find the categories “Information Panels” and “Commemorative Plaques”.

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