We thank you for your interest in wanting to organize an event with “Berliner Underworlds”. As follows we put together some of our organizational regulations as well as our conditions.

Which events can be permitted/can not be permitted?

Berliner Unterwelten e.V. is usually not renting out event areas. We can support events under certain circumstances. These include events that are linked with contemporary historical issues and are being incorporated in our tours, lectures, seminars or other cultural offers of our company.

Not supported are

  • Party-events (Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas partys etc.)
  • Music and concert events
  • Political events
  • Business meetings or conferences, product presentations or events with commercial character
  • Artistical or other meetings without complying to the rules of our company Berliner Underworlds e.V.

Requests to the above events unfortunately cannot be taken into consideration.

Furthermore, events can only be supported if they are considered non offensive and uphold respect for victims of war and violence.

In the case of events which are in compliance with our pre described rules, please describe in your request as detailed as possible your intentions. This will allow and save time in processing your request. 

Which time is necessary, what do we offer?

Our areas at Gesundbrunnen are in constant operation due to the increasing popularity of our museum and tour operations. Therefore they cannot be used for events at any time.

Events which include a combination of guided tours and framework program are only possible in exceptional cases and they can only take place in the former “mother-and-child-bunker” at Fichtestraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg. This bunker has an eventful history, it has large areas and its modern technical equipment allows this kind of combination. Since there are also regular guided museum tours an event must be planned as early as possible.

Requests for events must be planned the least 3 months ahead. Requests on short notice will not be taken into consideration.

Technical equipment

The location is 110 square meters in a separate two floor gallery in the bunker. This bunker (can only be rented out by the owner!). It contains a multi-purpose room of 22 square meters which is owned by our company, one kitchen and one storage room, modern toilets that are restored optically back to their original condition , WiFi, Schuko-Connection and a “16-three-phase” connection for big users (maximum network load at the same time: 3 kilowatt).

What are the costs?

For reasons of insurance terms, we must put our supersiory staff aside at any event. The number of staff personnel will go with the amount or size of the event. Costs for personnel and the costs for the rent of the event as well as of consumption costs will have to be paid by the organizer. We will be glad to put responsible staff and expert speakers at your disposition.

The total costs of an event at Berliner Underworlds are put together by personnel, expert consulting, rent, external costs, consumption costs and possibly other incurred expenses for possible use of additional staff.

Other Information

  • The company does not appear as organizer. Organizer in terms of legal responsibility is the tenant/user for the rooms and the facilities at their disposal. Berliner Underworlds e.V. maintains the house rules at any times.

  • The organizer takes complete responsibility for each property damage including in renting as well as personal injury which may arise by visitors of the event while using rooms and access path. In case of damage, Berliner Underworlds e.V. is free from any legal claim which may result from any occurrence during rental.

  • For all possible and necessary approvals of events in Berlin and their laws and restrictions (Serving, public order, building code, restaurants etc.) the organizer takes responsibility. We gladly recommend our long term partners of catering, technique etc. who are familiar with the particularity of our facilities.

  • The commitments and conditions written above are included in “rental agreement of events” which will be sent to the organizer after agreement of time, length, crew number and program information. 

Your request

Please use our Contact Form for your request.

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