The Berlin Underworlds Museum

The Berlin Underworlds Association would like to give the public an insight into the underground of our city. To do this, in March 1998, we were able to rent "Bunker B" in Gesundbrunnen subway station from the Berlin transport company (BVG). Due to the authentic state of preservation, which is unique in Berlin, we were able to obtain monument protection for this historic complex as early as autumn 1999. Since then, more than 10,000 hours of work have been carried out on a voluntary basis by active members of the Association, and we continue to refurbish and renovate the building. The Association finances all of this itself. In line with our objectives, we have set up the "Berlin Underworlds Museum" in these rooms, which extend over four underground floors. Under this name, we could participate in the "Long Night of the Museums" for the first time in spring 2005. Our exhibition, which is constantly being expanded and optimised, provides information about the history and development of Berlin from an underground perspective. The main focus is on "civil air defence during the Second World War", bombing attacks and their repercussions, modern discoveries in the earth, and ammunition recovery. Other themed rooms deal with the removal of rubble in the post-war period or the story of the discovery of a "forced labourer card index", which was recovered by Association members in 2000 from a forgotten bunker and examined in detail.
This discovery enabled numerous former forced labourers to claim compensation.  Another section of the museum deals with the topics of "pneumatic post", "breweries", the "GN-Bahn" (Gesundbrunnen-Neukölln subway line) and "modern archaeology", supplemented by impressive exhibits and colour photographs of the underground locations. We also have an extensive museum archive and depot rooms with numerous exhibits, a collection that we are constantly expanding, and which has, in the past, also been made available to some of our city's local museums for temporary exhibitions or various film productions. The AG Museum supports the activities of the Association in such a way that historical technology or furnishings are recovered and restored if necessary.

The "Berlin Underworlds Museum" is not a museum in the traditional sense, through which visitors walk independently and view exhibits. It can only be viewed as part of Tour 1 - Dark Worlds, on one of our public tours or as a pre-booked group tour. A brochure about this tour is available in various languages in our ticket and bookshop and also in our online shop.

If you, dear visitor to this page or our museum, still have equipment (air raid shelter bunk beds, etc.) or historical photographs (of Gesundbrunnen, Humboldthain, the subway or tunnels, etc.) and you no longer need them, please get in touch with us via our contact form. We look forward to every piece that we can use to complement our exhibition and preserve for future generations.

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