Tour 2 – From Flak Towers to Mountains of Debris

Explore the devastated ruins of a WW2 fortress

In 1940, Hitler ordered the construction of six anti-aircraft, or “Flak” towers to defend Berlin from enemy aircraft. Of these six, only three were built, and after the war they were “demilitarised” or blown up. However, the Flak tower in Humboldthain Park in Gesundbrunnen was only partially destroyed.
Since April 2004, we have been leading groups through the interior of the tower. On this fascinating tour, visitors will be shown three of the seven floors of one of the biggest bunkers in the city. Here a dazzling underground landscape awaits – complete with dizzying views into the depths of the building. In addition, our guides present in-depth information about the history of the structure and the still on-going project to clean it up. To date, members of the Berlin Underworlds Association have spent a total of over 8,000 hours removing over 1,400 cubic metres of rubble – and, in the process, have created ideal sleeping quarters for bats. Therefore, so as not to disturb their hibernation and unnecessarily frighten our guests, we only offer this tour from April to the end of October.

Please note that the hygiene and distancing rules must be followed.

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Tour 2 – From Flak Towers to Mountains of Debris
Brochure | 2nd edition | 2013 | 40 pages | € 5,-
This publication is available in our ticket- and bookshop.


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